Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A moment before the sunrise it's the darkest one

From the end of March until now I have barely posted. There have been good reasons for it. What happened in life made me turn inside myself for a while, and in a week it will turn around, and I will be me again - better than ever before.

I have changed my job since end of March. I also discovered that what I started doing since was not what I wanted to do, and that a company that I like a lot wanted to hire me - today I got a confirm that they can hire me. Suddenly there is sunshine in the life again, even when it's raining like in October in June when it's supposed to be the warmest days of the year ...

I got excited, and will blog more, and more often. It is a promise.
I will work with exciting products, of which some later depending on what I can say and what not.

The sunrise of Ricardo puts an image to what it feels like now. A moment before the sunrise it's the darkest one ... now it's getting to that sunrise moment, and I can see again.

Ireland and EU-1 visa crisis gets some media attention

1,000 married couples face 'legal fiasco' - Irish Times [link] [via]

An estimated 1,000 married couples face what is being described by the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland as a “legal fiasco” following a High Court ruling that the Department of Justice is within its rights to insist non-EU spouses of EU citizens live in another member state before being allowed to live and work here.

The European Commission is investigating the stance of the department, it has emerged.

In an unpublished ruling, seen by The Irish Times, Mr Justice Michael Hanna said the Department of Justice was intra vires in demanding that non-EU spouses of EU citizens reside legally in another member state before being eligible for residency here.


This is a big deal for Ireland. 10 % of its population are non-Irish. So it is more than 1000 couples that are influenced by this. We probably know 10 couples already - but that is working for very international companies.

Nevertheless, some media coverage is better than no media coverage.