Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time for something new

A new blog ... new clothes, new thoughts.
You wouldn't always finish your analog diary or writing that book either.
Sometimes there is just need for something new, and why not in the digital life as well.
The old blog just starts to feel bleh, if not for the template then for the features.. or because everyone else does this and that, because blogger is more trendy than livejournal.

Or because the life changes so much that you'd really want to change everything in the life. Job, continent, wipe away the past memories of the people trying to shoot you in your dreams, all your exes and so on.

Last week it was time for doing an erase and install on my mac. Now everything is fresh on the computer side.
And I can't do the same thing in the real life.

What to expect here? Entertaining little stories and links, dumb little news found in the internet, everything weird that didn't make it to boingboing, laughing at dumb people every now and then ...

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