Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10 blogging mistakes to avoid

Time to avoid the blogging mistake #1 as listed for top 10 (or wost 10?) by John Chow. Of the ones listed, I had never heard of John Chow. How about instead of that # 10, not reading Guy Kawasaki or .. well, keeping fresh and updating your ideas?

And as again, for some own input on the subject, and as continuation of 10 reasons why I've quit reading a blog - here what I could consider some of the worst things for blogging :

1. Being abandoned or giving the feel of being it. If it's about an interesting topic, and has some good content, maybe a look every now and then to check for updates, or maybe it gets to even bloglines or google reader but no new contents in months .. could make a nice graphic here for time per readers abandonment.
2. The God-attitude of writing. "I know everything about cars/digital photography/social networking/social media optimization/photoshop//macs/something else". Good - if you actually do know that much, how about making money out of it and working in that field? Blogging gives good options for a starter for getting good feedback, but if the years of bragging on how good one is is nothing more but confabulation made by just the author, then it may become suddenly boring.
3. Summarized the reasons for quitting reading : no original content, being supposed to like the blog and the topic, buzzwords, blogging about your kids in your work related blog when you are not a nurse, no sense of humor, too much posting or no new content...
4. Poor writing skills. When your language and expressions give the reader a headache, even if it's because of your f4sh10nabl3 sp3ll1ng, still. Let the writing take its time. Formulate the phrases when you know what you want to say.
5. Negativity. People that are negative attract negative things around their life - the life, the work, everything becomes dark and stale. If you don't like negativity, then maybe time to read something more positive than a blog where the constant topics are about how one's life sucks.
6. Not growing. When all your blogging for the past four years have been about one thing only, maybe it's time to add some more interests and write about them. Bruce Schneier doesn't think only about security issues, but also blogs about squids (on Fridays) and writes restaurant reviews. So why would anyone else have only one obsession or interest? Then at least add to your interests getting more interests. Ask your readers for ideas in what to become interested in.
7. Me, me, me. My camera, my opinions, my blog, my links. Me me me. Solution? Get a life, and get some online and offline friends and other interests than you yourself and you.
8. Liking and linking what everyone else does. Google and digg whoring. And just because the boingboing editors like Yasmina Tesanovic or ioerror then you like them just because ..
9. Being afraid of writing or other reasons for no content. It's ok to have as a part your links and quick links to the funny things that you find but add some original input too, at least once every few weeks.

That's 9 until there. What would be the 10th?
Sticking to default template?
Annoying amount of ads?
Using a certain hosting site?
Word is yours.


Wendell said...

One day, about 6 weeks ago, I just stopped writing. I don't know what that means: I was tired or it got dull or I was just done. I suppose I should post some kind of wrap-up post. Or maybe not. This is a new, interesting, curious thing - this talking on the chance that someone's there. Imagine sticking your head out your 2nd floor window, looking down toward a dark sidewalk, and talking about your day, just in case someone was walking by.

Odd stuff. But kindda fun. :)

anna said...

Hi Wendell, it just happens sometimes.

When I was a kid, I would just one day quit writing on the analog diary .. maybe because my mum lost it, or whatever reason. Or I just didn't feel like any more.

And I know a few people who start a new blog, write a few months, then they get bored, and the only way they can reinvent everything is to create a new blog. I instead like to keep some history on some things ... whereas this is the playground, where to try something different .. (then again, as in a bad life situation, just can't write way too often anyway).