Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And a few more reasons why some blogs become way less interesting

As a few additions to 10 reasons why I've quit reading a blog - the ones that I have quit reading recently don't fit always to the reasons below.

- The blogger is suddenly having a kid, and instead of geek ramblings, now you have links to ultrasounds pictures and something else creepy
- The feed is constantly not working. When a certain blog feed had issues, and I kept seeing always one certain blog post I could not care less about, to be new, from February, day after day, refresh after refresh, I just removed it. I could not stand seeing the same post over and over and over...
- The blog is just updated way too often (the few updates a day is ok, but when it goes to a group of bloggers doing 20 updates a day, unless it's something I really dig, it's a bit too much of the same topic)

And, well - when it's been months since the last update. I know I have been not as active with this space here as I wanted to, but it has been a very frustrating time in the real life. Something happened that changed about everything possible.

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