Monday, January 08, 2007

Enough paperwork BS, again

Six more weeks or so, before the Department of Justice will have to give an answer.
And to send our paperwork back.
Can't wait really.

Six months without a passport, driver's license, marriage certificate.... can't travel anywhere even inside the country where you would even stay overnight, no way of getting out of the country (did I mention my parents are over 70 and sick?), can't drive the car without the driver's license (not that we could afford a car with one lousy salary for two), and part of us who can't work before getting the papers back, can't get a PPS (SSN) number before those papers are back .... being forced to not do anything during the day for so long time is getting on the nerves. It's not really getting on the nerves, it's been very much on the nerves since last August. Really, enough of this paperwork BS. And really, it sucks.

And even more BS if the non-EU part of us would have had a working visa here to start with...

When we'll get that paperwork, then will be months and months for other paperwork perhaps, but just can't wait to get out of here. We are both going thru some interviews - thankfully I have a stable job - he here, I there... would be nice to get the things running again. Life feels too stale when you can't get a weekend break, when you can't afford to rent a car for a weekend, to buy a new toy like an iPod when you happen to see something that you like... it becomes stale, and having a seasonal depression and all this happening during the winter will not make it much better either. There are moments when the work sucks (no matter which work, any of them), when you need a break, want to go out, can't afford to .. and the other part is glued in front of the computer for all day, with the lousy network speeds not allowing to even basic browse on a broadband... days become repetitive, drag on to work, not for the pleasure of it but because of the need of an income, do the job, serve, get back home, another lousy night without being able to get anywhere... days go by, making it one by one a day closer to getting the papers, getting those damn pieces of paper, stamps on passport, more visa applications...

May this be a better year from now on.

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