Sunday, January 28, 2007

Questions that would be nice to ask in a job interview

What's the suicide rate of your employees?
Does the company healthcare cover suicide? Or heart-lung transplants, cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, tubal, boobjob and cures for erectile dysfunction?
Have you ever had sex with an employee? Or with a customer?
What kind of shooting facilities are there in the office?
How many diversity persons are there working at the site? Would you consider hiring a 35 years old white male as your diversity person?
Who did you sleep with to become a manager?
What kind of possibilities are there to explore the possibility of collecting the protection money from the employees for keeping their computers working?
Is it true that the outgoing calls are not recorded?
I can see asking creative questions that have nothing to do with the job I'm applying for or with measuring the candidates attitudes are in ... don't you want to ask anything relevant?
Is it part of your dress code that everyone dresses as if they were working for Microsoft?
I had a look walking around the office before this interview, and man, I didn't see anyone who would look happy in their job. What reasons do the employees usually give when they leave?
Could you give examples of your micromanagement style?
What's your company policy for sexual harassment?
Do they sell beer in the canteen?
How often do you get extra paid time off for funerals?
How much underperforming do you tolerate before firing your employees?
Is swearing in the office allowed?
How many hours are there typically time to watch movies during a typical work day?
Does your company dress code allow the employees to wear a burqa?
Are those real?

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