Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Enough of bad music industry again

Simple Rich has had a less than nice experience with audio CDs of BMG.

That mentality of the music industry, treating its end users as criminals is what made not buy any audio CDs any more - this decided in 2003. I have put a few singular dollars to music since, but those were from iTunes store, and concerts (like the best ever Public Enemy concert).

It does not play with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp ... it wants its own software installed. ... it makes the end customer pay for the thieves.

There was one more reason why I quit buying music - audio CDs cost as much as movie DVDs. To produce a movie normally costs at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make an audio CD does not. You can use the same recording studio and the same exact audio mixing software for hundreds of CD productions.

Either the audio CDs are overpriced as when the CDs first came out they cost more than the LPs and cassettes, and when those were phased out ... the prices never came down even though the cost of production came to a few cents per unit.
Or because the music industry makes that much money itself, or because it has to pay still so much to the radio DJs to play the top 40 music, like the major cost was in the 1950s, ...
Or suddenly they would have started to pay enough for the musicians, which I don't think would be the case ...
Or because music industry feels the need and justification to develop more rootkit kind of software to screw the music fans and end customers, or ... or ..
Well, music industry is just greedy.

Time for more iTunes store, in limited amounts, and some open source music. Or something like it. A end user silent revolution...


Rich G. said...

Check out for christmas music! :)

Anna said...

Thanks for the link :)