Monday, December 25, 2006

Holier than thou people

Why is it that some people have a constant air of holier-than-thou attitude?

The coffee they drink is better than the coffee you drink, because they think they have so much more eclectic taste of coffee. They bring their own espresso machine to work, and they get violent and aggressive if anyone touches their home edition of the industrial strenght coffee maker.
Or the ones who are holier than you because they don't drink coffee. They are so much better than you as they don't have to drink coffee, or they find some weird reason that shows they are so much better than you anyway. They so have to rub the reasons why they are so much better, and why they don't drink coffee.

Their camera equipment and their photographic skills are so much better and holier than yours. They carry their Nikon SLRs to work and to all parties, never mind that at work one isn't allowed to take pictures... they blog obsessively about their camera experiments, they flickr whore, .. and all their color, composition, style, photographing skills are just so much underlining how much better they are than you are.
Their blog contains the superprofessional opinions of something they want the world to think they know everything about (as the world doesn't know that widely that the closest to professional part of what they want to be known as experts of, was and is a phone monkey, and not a particularly skilled one).

Their wine or other alcohol taste is so much better than yours. They read the wine magazines, and subscribe to the opinions of the famous wine tasters.
Or they make such a big thing about why they don't drink alcohol.

They are fashionably vegetarians, or vegenazis, because that fits their manga artistic emo look, their better than everyone else attitude and look...
Or they have a fashionable eating disorder, wanarexia, wannabe-bulimia, or they are on atkins because that's the fashionable thing to do. And they are so much better than you because of that.

They are fashionably metro bisexual.
And fashionably buddhist or other fashionable religion.

.. and it goes on and on, in every single bit of the life you observe. They are so much better than you, and they make sure you know it.
If they find someone to tolerate them, I am sure we will know how much better their spouse or significant other is.
They paint the clouds on how the next year they will be a professional photographer. move to Australia or other different location, or become this and that at work.

Maybe it's the overgrown generation G or Z .. or whichever was the latest, one or two after the X. They move abroad like the generation G, if by doing that they can show how much better than you they are.

When they are sick, even their sicknesses are better than yours. They are more sick, or their medicinal needs are so much better than yours. Just like their grandparents talked about their ulcer and kidney stones and overweight just as it was their beloved child, the better than you person's health stories get a lot of love and attention in their description. And when you have just a normal asthma, their asthma is so much better and so much more special than yours.

They are the disposable income and the marketer's dream... they buy the toys because with that fashionable toy they can prove they are so much better than you and the other neighbors and workbuddies they have (but as a difference to the usual get a bigger car to show your neighbors you are better and richer than them-kind of person, the holier than you person chooses way more eclectic items to brag with, and rather ideologies than cars or house decoration kitsch). They buy books about Buddha's life and add their Buddha statues on a pretty display hosting also all their South Park and manga dolls and plastic figurines.

Sometimes it would be fun to crush them and their better than yours dreams in their better than yours coffee grinder like the better than yours coffee.


Anonymous said...

I recently went to an art show at the Cyclorama in Boston. I was looking at a painting I really liked and the artist was smoozing me until I told him I was the van driver for another artist at the show. Needless to say the conversation ended. Little did he know I had the money to buy the painting and was seriously considering it. Smuck. BTW found you on MyBloglog

Anna said...

Hehe. That artist deserved it :p
I've got one of these better than anyone else people at work, he gets sometimes a bit .. predictable.

sellsius said...

I think maybe the holier than thou are more insecure than thou.

Anna said...

Some people are more insecure... not all.

Anonymous said...

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