Saturday, December 16, 2006 isn't that much about hating women than it's about making money

Today there was need for finding dummies in the net and discovering all or enough about them. So isn't that much about hating women than it's about making money seems to be about ranting about women, why the American women suck ... well, it's better analyzed just about selling. Selling the websites' contents, the book that isn't even published at a paper form .. it's about selling. Since people have a bigger need for love than they have for buying and paying for religion, his business idea for sure will not run out of potential clients.

At least I hope it's only hating American women for the sake of selling that guy's unpublished books and his websites, and not for the sake of hating women.

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Anonymous said...

i read your whole blog. it starts out purporting to be calm and objective, but towards the end youre putting more and more words in all caps...and that "brazil vs. usa" picture really caught your attention
and whats wrong with making money? does it matter if the website was put up to make a profit? dont you have any criticism of substance to aim at the website besides "oh, its just a money making thing"
all your counter arguments go "well, theres lots of men that are like that too"...well no shit, we hear about it every day on tv, the news, the internet, on and on and on is just throwing a little taste of your own medicine back at you, and it looks like you cant handle it