Monday, December 04, 2006

Most useful and useless mac os x applications

The most and least useful OS X applications

I tried to make for a long time a list of the most used and least used applications in Mac OS X. Not the easiest task since everyone's needs are different, and even I have way different needs at work and at home, but here comes both sides considered one version.

The useful ones that are either OS X supplied or come from Apple :
1. Terminal
2. Network Utility
3. Apple Remote Desktop
4. iChat (Jabber for internal networks) - or AppleScript for it's allowing anything to be done.
5. Safari (Can't get the move to next or previous tab in Firefox as in Safari or in Shiira; Command-shift-arrows left/right)
6. Preview
7. Stickies (for selected notes)
8. Keychain access
9. Aperture (I can't stand iPhoto 6), Final Cut Studio and Logic Pro (the same goes for all consumer apps)
10. Mac OS X Server (with all the applications in it)

Most useful non-Apple softwares :
1. SubEthaEdit for editor, OnyX for the system maintenance point of view.
2. Adium for the messaging needs, Delocalizer for removing what you don't need in the system.
3. Skype for phoning needs, VLC for video, for replacing DVD player and QuickTime.
4. Dokuwiki with its additions, including ACL
5. Smultron for SubEthaEdit alternative; Hallon for notes for KeyXing alternative
6. NVU for quick edits
7. Flickr Uploadr
8. Xjournal not just for Livejournal needs
9. Camino, Firefox, Shiira
10. StreamRipperX
Those obviously excluding the specific work related rare applications.

Since the list of non-Mac OS X supplied list of pointless or useless applications is pretty big -- there are over 10,000 Mac OS X applications in versiontracker, it is probably more useful to concentrate in the applications that I don't find any use in Mac OS X itself. This is again just me - so if I find no use for one application does not make it bad, it just makes one user to not find any use for a particular application.
1. Chess - never used, and it has been there since 10.0.
2. iWeb - I refuse to use web editors that don't show the HTML. That would be approximately like showing a word program that doesn't allow you to edit or see text.
3. Automator. Just learn to use AppleScript and you can do more.
4. Dashboard. I want a way to disable it when I don't want to use it - hopefully OnyX allows me to do it.
5. Garageband. Spoiled that I am, why bother when Logic is an alternative?

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